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[F1]  2200B Chain Stitch


This machine is hand held and weighs 11 pounds. It has both upper and lower feeds to ensure even material feed. The 2200B is a two-thread, double locked stitch. It is also available in a one-thread model. It is available in 110V or 220V. This machine works well for light goods, such as, carpet backing, unbacked carpets, and geo-textile products,and laying sports fields.


[A1]  70184EHW Butt-Seamer

[A2]  70199 Butt-Seamer

[B1] Titan DK 2200

[C1] Titan DK 2500

[D1]  81200 Carpet Serger

81200CM Serger 

[D2]  81121 Serger Trolly

[D3]  70112A Carpet Serger

[E1]  53100 Binder

[E2]  70121 Binder Trolley

[F2]  7A Consew

[F1]  2200B Chain Stitch

 [E3] 70135 Trim Binder

[G1]  80800 Lapp-Seamer Union Special 

[G2]  80700C Union Special

81500T Artificial Turf Sewing

EX5204 Serger

Extra Puller For Machines

71058H High Lift Lockstitch

70158 Sisal Binder


MOG-3700 Carpet Surger

255-RB Consew


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