Serging and Fringing 

81200 Union Special
The 81200 serger is the machine that provided the breakthrough in the carpet sewing industry. It was the first machine designed specifically to sew carpets and rugs. The heavier presser foot and feed dog give the machine greater feeding power than light weight machines. This ensures no stalling even on the heaviest goods.

This machine is setup to sew an eight millimeter stitch to completely cover the edge of your material. This gives you
the to give your carpets the classic European look.
81200 sewing
Sewing with tape underlayment. This can be done with matching tape or clear tape.
Titan DK2500
This machine is specifically designed to sew an overedge stitch on woven or tufted carpets, car carpets and industrial fabrics. It features entirely automatic lubrication and all movements are on ball or needle bearings. It is a high-speed machine making approximately 3500 stitches per minute. This machine is most often mounted on a work table for one operator to use. However, it is available in the left hand model if you have the need to sew on an automatic line. The left and right-hand machine
This newest addition to the Titan machines is faster and allows you to increase your production without wearing out more parts. This machine is also sealed in oil and continually lubricated.
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Binding and Straight Stitch

Carpet Binder
This machine is the industry standard for binding samples, area rugs and high end custom rugs. It allows you to sew an application of tape in various sizes by simply changing the folder tape attachment. It also comes equipped with a built in roller assembly to aid in the positive feed of carpets. The machine can also be fitted with an extra puller directly behind the built in roller to aid in sewing large area or custom rugs. This machine is bobbinless and sews a locking chainstitch.
Folder and Feed roller
Close up of the folder and feed roller. The folder can be custom made to your needs. We do stock standard sizes.
Sisal Binder
Made to sew sisal and heavy carpets with no extra puller, this machine has a built in upper puller. This machine can also be used to sew rubber bull nose on rugs.
Portable Binder
This portable machine allows you to sew without an air table or you can take this machine to a job site for repairs.
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70184EHW on Trolley
This complete system consists of the patented 70184EHW wide-bite butt-seamer on a trolley used in conjunction with a trimmer and a railway. The system can be powered pneumatically or with electricity. This machine system can be used in all areas of sewing; tufting, dyeing, finishing and shearing. It eliminates the need for different types of sewing heads.
This machine sews a wide overedge seam that allows the seam to be flat when the carpet is stretched.
Close up of looper
This is a close up of the heavy duty loopers in the 70184EHW
The trimmer that is used with this system is a heavy-duty cutter with twin blades. These blades make a scissor cut and are safer to use than single blade cutters. The trimmer cuts the carpet evenly before sewing with the butt-seamer.
Trimmer and Buttseamer
Because the machine is a very heavy-duty machine, parts are built on a heavier scale and have less breakage. These heavy-duty parts decrease downtime and allows you to increase sewing speed
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Turf and Geo-textile

80700C2M Turf
This two-needle machine sews two parallel seams to sew the edges of artificial turf together while laying sports fields. It is also useful in sewing together pieces of geo-textile materials that are used as linings in landfills.
Single needle turf Overedger on cart for on site sewing of artificial turf.
2200B Turf
Hand held machine for sewing turf. Also available in model 2200G with heavy-duty feed system. Both machines are available in 110V or 220V. This machine is also used in sewing landfill underlayment.
Oster shear turf
This shear is used to shear long nap turf to prepare for sewing.
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Knives and Shears

Wolf Slim Jim
This cutter is the standard here in the carpet industry. It uses high carbon steel blades to cut through the toughest of carpets. It has a ¾ horse power motor, a built in sharpener, sealed bearings and gear housing thread seals. It is available in 110 V or 220V in single phase or three phase. We can supply blades and replacement parts for this cutter and cross cut slitting machines.

Shown here with a stand up handle and a standard handle
Carpet Shears
These carpet shears are used to shear carpet before binding or after laying carpet
Portable Beveler
This machine is used to bevel the edges of very thick carpet before binding or serging. By beveling the edge, the nap of the carpet will not be seen through the serging and it will be easier to bind.
Portable Shear
When you need to shear a wider area on a carpet on site, this is the perfect machine for the job.
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Close up of looper

This is a close up of the heavy duty loopers in the 70184EHW